The Basic Detail  39.99 plus tax

The Basic Detail is a service where as the vehicle is hand washed to include all of the exterior. The vehicle is then dried off,dressing applied to the tires and quick vacuum of the interior.

The Express Detail 95.99 plus tax

Is a complete service for vehicles that require a 1 (one) step cleaner and wax application to maintain a paint surface that is in good condition. This service includes hand washing,applying wax, cleaning of the wheels, applying dressing to the tires, interior cleaning to include removing all dust and dirt in all visible areas. The carpets are vacuumed and all door panels and plastic area’s are wiped clean. The windows inside and out are ceanded. The vehicle is nicely presentable.

The Ultimate Detail 179.99 plus tax

The Ultimate Detail which is our most popular package is a complete service for vehicles that want the Ultimate shine and smoothness of the paint surface that will last for months. This service includes hand washing, clay bar treatment (removing all contaminants from the paint) giving it that smooth feel, waxing by hand and applying sealant to lock the wax onto the surface. A complete interior detail that includes shampooing the carpets and seat area’s if necessary, complete vacuum of the interior, removing all dust and dirt from the entire inside of the vehicle, complete door jam cleaning to include the trunk and or rear cargo area as well. The wheels will be cleaned, tires dressed and shined. The fender wells will be cleaned and dressed and look new again. The windows inside and out will be cleaned and the vehicle will be essentially showroom new again.

Quick Wash Saturdays

15$ -25$ Washes

$15 Wash & Go

$20 Wash, towel dry & tire shine

$25  All of the above plus a quick vacuum & windows

Outside Canopy Wash

$15 – $25 Washes

$15 Wash & Go

$20 Wash, towel dry & tire shine

$25  All of the above plus a quick vacuum & windows

*Offered everyday

Fleet Washing

We are fleet washing experts! Ask about our corporate bulk discounts….

Monthly Maintenance

We offer monthly maintenance service where as once you treat your vehicle to The Ultimate Detail Package ech and every month thereafter we will maintain y our vehicle to the standard of The Ultimate Detailing Package, but  you will only be charged the price of the Express Detailing Package. (59.99). This will keep your vehicle looking brand new each and every month with a considerable savings passed on to you. This service will also protect your investment long term and your car will look impeccable at all times. (This is one of our most popular packages that our clients takes advantage of.)


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